Duality Nature Project: All Pervading Energy Is Universal Duality

Saturday, January 30, 2010

All Pervading Energy Is Universal Duality

Energy is the same as information as you can't have information without energy. Energy is also heat, or at least one form of energy. Electrical energy is another. There are really many different types of energy that we classify but generally speaking, energy is a property of all matter in the universe. Essentially too, all matter is actually made of energy. The photon for example, is the smallest quantity of energy that can exist in the universe. The photon is extremely small to say the least but in importance it is second to none.

Energy is everywhere and everything. It is all around us, including within us. Energy is like the stuff of stuff; Photons as a result are constantly zipping around everywhere unbeknown to most people. This is because light is actually made up of photons [Vision and Sight: The Photoreceptive eye]. The photons are given off by the sun as light rays that travel millions of miles across space and dust until finally reaching our eyes. Did I also mention that the light is produced by millions of nuclear reactions (fusion) across the surface of the sun?

Energy and matter [duality] are said to be equivalent. I think it is more true to say they are like brothers or sisters; Two sides of the same coin. Both are very similar, with few slight differences. For one, matter tends to be positive as it generally composes the elements whose core components (Nucleus) is positive. Energy on the other hand, most commonly comes in the form of the negatives (-) like electricity, photons, (light) or even simple heat. Of the three, light is the most mysterious and studied. The physicist Albert Einstein for example spent the remainder of his life trying to figure how how light or electromagnetism (+ & -) could be used to solve and explain all problems in physics. That still hasn't been achieved unfortunately but Plant's use it (light) to maintain their life cycle through photosynthesis. And, if you don't get enough light, you can even get a vitamin D deficiency.

So what is energy?

Energy is flow.


There are two types of flow. Each type is opposite to the other type but everyone disagrees on what to call it. In physics and science in general it's usually called either positive and negative or magnetic and electric [Energy of attraction - positive (+) and negative (-)] . In other disciplines it's different though like Yin and Yang being the qualities of Chi. Or you could be much simpler about it: Clockwise counter-clockwise (Spin); up down; right left.

A lot of people call this duality, myself included. Though I'm not really sure what it means, I'm certain it's somehow key to understanding life and consciousness.. and I guess others would be as well considering it's a key principle in all fields of knowledge I am aware of. It's amazing how many two's there are. Two of everything really, right down to the sub-atomic and elemtary particles.

The Full becomes Empty and the Empty Becomes Full:

Flow is the movement or transfer of substance, be it matter or energy or some other thing like time, from one location to another. The substance does this naturally, we are told, to reach equillibrium. I don't know if I always like using such a simple term for such a complex process, but it is a scientific law so form your own conclusions. Otherwise let's just say flow can occur for many many reasons most if not all of which may be ascribed to the end result of balance.

Interestingly enough flow travels in waves. No one really knows for certain why this occurrs but it could be due to the structure of existance itself, otherwise known as space-time. It is thought that since space-time is curved, and flow travels and rests upon space-time (that is, within the deminsions of Length, Width, Height, and Time), the flow should naturally take on a pattern other than a straight line. However that doesn't exactly explain why there are waves. This means things are obviously much more complex than we currently know or understand, especially if you consider the scope of flow. Flow, no matter what shape, form or texture -in all forms- behaves as a wave, be it particle, gas, light, or consciousness itself [e.g. Pi mystery].


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