Duality Nature Project: Perceiving Reality

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Perceiving Reality

What is reality? Have you given the question serious thought? When we try to pin down reality, and seriously discern it's nature, we generally run into paradoxes and contradictions:

"Are dreams considered reality or would you say reality is only physical? If it's only physical then would you consider there is no reality to consciousness or the ability to think since thought is not physical...?"

The only definition I was able to decide on that will fit all other definitions of reality is that reality is perception.

Reality is what you Perceive beyond the immediate you called the 'self' or 'me'.

At our essence or core the only thing we can utter with any certainty of truth is the famous maxim,

"I think therefore I am"

(as first spoken by Rene Descartes)

A maxim is taken as an undeniable logic or truth about something. Most people wouldn't debate the quote as being true because it's considered self evident or self obvious.

Since all we are truly is our minds or our thoughts, then what we perceive is obviously our reality. The question then is:

Is what you perceive to be reality in conflict with other perceptions of reality?


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