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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mind Body

You know, if you talk to most any neuroscientist he or she will most likely have a lot to tell you about the soul and human consciousness.

The most popular reason is because the soul is or mind is evidenced as a collection of electromagnetic frequencies called brain waves which are activated and controlled by both conscious awareness or sentient control as well as automatically.

This may seem amazing, but the entire system of electromagnetic conductive systems in the body is referred to as the Central and Peripheral nervous system (CNS & PNS). The CNS is generally the part of you which is conscious while the PNS is automatic like breathing.

When we sleep the CNS, which composes the brain, the brain stem, and the spinal cord, changes but the PNS remains active and constant.

You see, In order to explain how the mind relates to the body, I actually don't have to use new theories or information. It can be done using existing and old ones. Some idea's on duality are old as human's themselves you know. Yin Yang, for example, has been around since, at the very least, recorded history or about 6 thousand years. Yin-Yang is a symbol of universal energy and duality.

Energy in the body is I think what fascinates us most. Energy propagates as waves through space-time which is directly indetectable as a substance or thing, however we can measure it's effects [Wave Nature]. As a result, we have discovered that there is a kind of symphony being played out in our heads. A note in this symphony can represent a thought or idea. At any one time, our brains are processing information when thinking about a subject. Much of the information is either already organized, or in the process of being organized, so, like a real symphony, there is a definite rhythm and flow to our thoughts.

Thought is essentially a collection of brain waves. Each time you produce a thought or think about something, you are sending impulses of information along nerve pathways. These impulses or brain waves are typically divided into four groups that represent a category which describes our state of being during the various brain wave frequencies. The frequencies of a normal human can be said to range between 0 & 40 Hz. but it is not altogether clear and definitions vary. Typically the categories are thus:

0-4 Hz
Deep sleep

4-7 Hz
Light sleep
Theta frequencies are supposed Associated with relaxation, meditation, and creativity. For many people and proponents of binaural's, theta waves are a favorite.

8-12 Hz
Alpha is said to be the brain waves that are dominant in the relaxed or normal state of mind.

Awake. Beta generally responds to the point when you actually feel awake in your day.

What happens in Gamma state? Is it unhealthy? Is it useful in any way? We simply don't yet know, as most ideas are hypothesis which don't have a lot of evidence. 


Rae Ann said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comments at I'm a Hoe. I haven't blogged in a long time but it's really nice to get intelligent comments instead of spams. lol Hoping to get back into blogging more soon.

Derek MB said...

I might be blogging again some myself, but probably going to be making a new blog. I did this blog as a kind of experiment, partly trying to see about monetization possibility but mainly it was just a place for me to store ideas. I plan the new blog to be about my journey through learning computers and Java programming. I've done the computer learning part, so I imagine I will start out with writing about what I learn(ed) in programming. I was just reading through this site. Its nice to get some perspective after a year. There's still quite a few editing mistakes. I found some articles to be very well written while others I wrote I didn't think were so good but at the time of writing them I distinctly remember thinking they were "great" so def. could use some editing here but not sure anyone is really interested in these ideas except for maybe myself so I'm not in too much of a hurry to do that. Thanks for your reply though. Sorry I didn't see it until now, a year later.

Derek MB said...

Although it would also be a challenge though, now that I think of it I could potentially include the computer writings here, as that could very easily be construed as duality due to the whole 1's and 0's binary "thingy-majig". Although it would potentially be very challenging and Im not sure I can get the two ideas to synch up perfectly in my explanations as it is a very difficult thing to grasp just to begin with, much less trying to relate it to other very difficult and strange concepts already on this site, it may be best to just create a new blog. If only I had used my name instead of duality nature as the title then I could just could have linked all the ideas through my own unique self err in a way and also shamelessly self promoted myself in the process thereby killing two birds with one stone lol.

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