Duality Nature Project: Duality

Monday, January 18, 2010


 Have you ever wondered why so many things seem to have a dual nature? Wave-particle duality in physics for example, or the yin-yang of Eastern philosophy. Duality in nature seems to be everywhere when you really think about it. There are so many amazing and interesting topics and ideas that have to do with duality in every field of knowledge. In physiology and psychology we are immediately interested and drawn to the differences and questions regarding the soul and mind body dual nature mystery for example. When we attempt to delve deeper into the mystery we are confronted with questions about a possible relationships between science, or the study of existence, with that of divinity, represented by one's consciousness.

If any of this sounds intriguing, yet, consider that the sum total of the idea presented as the dual nature or duality has been a fundamental problem for the last 6 thousand years or so of recorded history. Many a philosopher and scientists have spent their entire lives trying to understand the dual nature. Pi for example is commonly known to become an obsession in itself. The many behaviours of circles or circular objects is easily described in a dual nature. We can attribute a spin of the circular earth, for example, as going in one of two directions: Clockwise or counterclockwise. At first this may seem trivial, but currently, spin is actually wholly fundamental in describing the nature of existence and matter. Likewise in pool, a capable player is able to direct and control the spin of pool balls to produce desired results. When the pool ball is spun, you see, instead of traveling in a straight line, it can instead travel in a curve while spinning as it travels. The spin is what causes the curve, and the excellent pool hustler is a master at causing it, letting him bypass an 8-ball if it get's in the way of his shot by curving his shot around instead of straight, thereby scoring a sink.

Perhaps on second glance some of this may all seem to be very simple and almost obvious information, yet very few people know of it's idea or related concepts. Einstein spent his last day's trying to solve the fundamental duality problems in physics, trying to unify the dual nature that is (Wave-particle, matter-energy, space-time, etc...). Many times when taking a closer look these problems appear irrational, Pi, as mentioned, is a perfect example. Pi, if you remember from highschool geometry, is the ratio of a circles circumference or distance around to it's diameter or distance through. Logically you can look at the circle and decide for yourself if it can be divided into equal parts as you can draw any line through it to divide, and more lines if you choose too. The problem is, no matter how we divide up a circle, we can never get an equal or equivalent amount to what we might expect.

So, as illustated by our circle, the dual nature is easily viewed but not well understood. How it all make's sense yet being irrational at the same time is the mystery I will therefore devote time and effort to researching, networking, organizing, and understanding all things Dual Nature.


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