Duality Nature Project: What I think is Enlightenment

Monday, January 25, 2010

What I think is Enlightenment

I think Enlightenment is a return to the original self. This is ambiguous I know, but it's ambiguity is part of it's definition and is otherwise known as duality. That probably doesn't make a lot of sense to come right off the bat and say that but that's the only way I know how to explain it (Yikes!) in just a couple sentences. Duality, is like dual nature. Eastern people usually call this yin and yang. In physics, we say either positive and negative or electric and magnetic. Basically though, if you look hard enough at what you consider to be the world around you; as in, reality; then you will notice there is damn near two of everything. Additionally, the two complement each other. Like male and female for example.

The two comprise the world as you know it. All nature is reducible to the two. Discovering what the two is and mastering them within your own soul, is, I think, enlightenment.

 So what is a soul? A soul, I think, is what you are at your very most inner essence. Essentially, the core of your being. This is given most easily, as consciousness, though I'm not saying that's all it is. The state of being aware then is likened to knowing or experiencing your own soul. This is the basis for meditation. When we practice awareness, we begin to become ever more conscious or aware. If we meditate, the experience can be heightened however, to meditate, which is the practice of being aware, can be achieved at any time with relative results as it is not so difficult to practice being aware of the bigger picture.

Over time this builds character. We may begin to refine the self as we become ever more aware of not only the world around but also the world within. We may start to recognize certain thoughts that, after conscious consideration, may want to debate their validity. Over time, as conscious growth of the self is achieved more and more, we become closer and closer to what is known as enlightenment.

Enlightenment I think is like the perfect self or the perfect you. We work towards it because we want to fulfill our potential. By getting clarity through conscious awareness and development, we work towards fulfilling our potential in becoming the best we can be as conscious beings.


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