Duality Nature Project: What I Think is the Trick or Secret to Life

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I Think is the Trick or Secret to Life

In hindsight of all my experiences, memories, etc.. I think the trick to life is balance.

Maybe this surprises you. Perhaps you weren't expecting someone to say the secret of life is balance.

I think I have some pretty good reasons for thinking this though. Allow me to explain:

Doing too much of any one thing is considered harmful or damaging. Virtues taken to the extreme, for example, result in vice. For example, courage can become recklessness.

The thing is, in order to find out when courage becomes recklessness, we actually have to do it ourselves.

That is, we must experience recklessness.

Once we have reched the point of recklessness, we learn and discover things about ourselves and our potential. Like what our limits are. By practicing virtue, we are balancing.

Likewise it's important to make mistakes.

No one likes to make mistakes though. Mistakes suck, especially when other people know about them. I find it's best to learn as much from mistakes as possible, that way you won't need to make them very often.

The fact is no one likes or wants to make mistakes, but everyone is, in hindsight, grateful for at least some of their past mistakes.

The goal is to be grateful for all mistakes. It's not easy, but it can be done, and you will at least notice improvement or betterment over time.

That's all it takes really. Time... and perhaps a bit of effort. If you have patience and other virtues that you practice, and you are in a position of balance, then you are on your way to mastering this ridiculous game called life.

Life is a journey through balance. You are a yin yang. A yin yang has many properties in duality: light dark; electric magnetic; north south - east west ; positive negative ; etc...

You are all of these things, and many more. Every idea fits somewhere in the category. You even have a left and a right side, a left brain and a right brain. You are then the scientist, forever experimenting with balance. You balance your life, your career, your checkbook, your personality. You balance all things don't you? So you must also discover new things to balance and new ways of balancing.

Balance yourself to happiness.

Or Balance yourself to enlightenment...

Balance your new job. Balance yourself into a higher salary. It can be anything you want, any thing you choose, so long as you know, the trick is balance :-)


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