Duality Nature Project: Time Space is Flowing Currents of Energy

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Time Space is Flowing Currents of Energy

       Any and all motion qualifies as time. Motion or speed/distance (speed divided by distance) is a measure of time itself, if a thing moves, it has time, and all things move: The earth spins as it rotates about the sun, the sun rotates about the galaxy, the galaxy the universe, etc... Everything is moving very fast and has time depending on how fast it is moving in relation to everything else. Time is energy, and energy is everywhere. When we discern energy, one of the things we see/notice is time. Time is a property of energy and energy composes the entirety of the universe. Energy flows so time is also said to flow.

Time Wave Energy
       If we stir energy around, we stir time around. As the earth rotates it does this, as it is said to be "dragging" space-time with it like how the moon is attracted and rotates about us. Time is a substance like a glass of water is a substance. Unlike the substance of water though, it is invisible to us. If we let a single drop of water fall into the glass, then the whole system is affected, the same as if we stir it. This is due to waves propagating throughout the medium. In this way a single drop effects all other drops. It is because everything is connected in a sense. There appears to be empty space between things, but it is a kind of illusion: The space may be only sparsely populated, or it can be populated with energy that is invisible to normal means of detection or not immediately obvious like space.

Space may be devoid of matter but not of energy. Energy is said to exist everywhere within space. I would propose that Space is energy as all things knowable are energy, we just currently do not know very much about space or the energy of space only that it has or contains energy.

Energy essentially is what constitutes all matter. It is no longer thought that the atom is the building block of nature, as atoms may be reduced to non-physical energy. This is known as wave-particle duality. At regular earth level of reality, the particle appears, but is a kind of illusion of some forms of dense energy. We say illusion because the closer one looks with a microscope, the less a thing appears to be solid particles and the more it appears as waves of energy. 


Essentially the universe exists as a hierarchy or spectrum. Particles or physical matter exist higher in terms of hierarchy as they are complex combination's of energy. Pure energy on the other hand seems to most readily exist as a wave. The wave is more basic and simpler than the particle as the particle essentially is composed of what is perceived as very dense waves.In this way physical matter is the illusion of compressed non-physical energy: That Nothing is Truly Solid...


Einrich said...

When I first read of this conclusion it was of the form: there are no rigid bodies in nature.

Derek MB said...

Hey Einrich

I haven't heard of that one, but as I understand nothing is truly solid. We perceive solid when things are organized apparently. For example carbon has a high organizational structure, especially in the case of Buckeyball, and therefore appears very solid or rigid.

Additionally The less organization or structure a thing has, the more it appears to be non-physical. Lasers work by organizing light in a sense. The light solidifies when we organize the particles to produce higher intensities.

What one would consider to be the non-physical aspect of matter-energy are waves.

I expect wave dynamics will be a very exciting and growing field in physics, engineering, chemistry, etc...

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