Duality Nature Project: Wave Dynamics

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wave Dynamics

We know that all matter is reducible and composed of energy like Quanta being the tiny energy of light. However all energy seems to behave most readily as a wave.
Spinning Spiral
I was therefore wondering about the dynamics of a wave, and how one might originate. It seems that in order to produce a wave, you would need a spinning object in the form of a sphere like the earth. As the earth spins, it drags things with it, like when you stir a glass a water with a spoon in a circle, the spoon tends to drag the water with it, producing a spiral pattern.
Frame Dragging Vortex
I think the spiral is natures attempt at a straight line on a curved spinning surface. It seems that all things spin. We are spinning right now as we speak since we are on earth. The earth spins really fast, about 25,000 miles and we hardly notice unless we pay close attention to the sky. In addition to spinning around, the earth is also rotating about the sun. The sun in turn is rotating about the galaxy and the galaxy is conceivably rotating about the universe. When you add all that up, we are moving very fast indeed and always within circular trajectories.
Archimedian Helix Conic Spiral
The action of spin produces vortexes and whirlpools: Spirals. It seems that the more perfect and/or faster the spinning object, the more perfect would be this spiral having a tendency to become more like a "perfect circle" which radiates outward aligned to the same direction. As a sphere like the earth spins, it has the attractive force called gravity drawing things near to it. The center of the earth is where the strongest attraction or gravity is and this is said to be due to the extreme density there. As an incoming object such as an asteroid comes near the earth, it is attracted towards the center so attempts to travel in a straight line. However, the earth is spinning, so every attempt the asteroid makes to travel in a straight line is thwarted.
As the sphere spins, it drags the invisible energy of space-time with it, producing anomalous curves and spirals.

Essentially, however contradictory or illogical this may seem, there are not necessarily any such things as straight lines as all things have curvature due to the spinning of the Universe, Galaxy, Stars, Black Holes, Planets, Atoms, Etc... All things spin or are located within mediums which spin and by determining spin in relation to curves we may yet be able to approximate speed among other variables.
The collective wave pattern or frequency of the sum total of all waves in any given location seems to be the determining factor in all things as all energy is a wave and all matter is just energy after all. 
No wonder DNA is a double Helix and all that other good stuff [Duality].


James Weigant said...
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James Weigant said...

If light is captured it becomes matter, and if matter goes to the speed of light it becomes energy? I just found this sight, thanks for you effort.

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