Duality Nature Project: Million Types of Energy

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Million Types of Energy

All matter is composed of energy, and all energy behaves as a wave.

All matter and energy behaves as a wave because all matter and energy spins.
Earth is a spinning Sphere traveling through space time. As it does so, it rotates or spins about circular trajectories. Any point on a spinning sphere produces a spiral or wave like pattern of all the points in space that it come into contact with as it spins as illustrated in the above animation.
As the earth spins, you also spin because you are on Earth. Maybe you wouldn't normally notice this, but you are actually spinning quite fast, about 1,000 miles per hour to be more specific. If that isn't enough, all of the atoms in your body are also moving quite fast, spinning about. Also, as the earth spins and rotates about the sun, the sun also spins and rotates about the Galaxy, dragging the earth with it because of gravity. The Milky Way Galaxy in turn spins about the universe, dragging us and our solar system with it in the process. When you add all of that up, everything is like overlapping spinning waves that are constantly intersecting and bumping into each other: Everything is spinning round, and there is a hierarchy to that. Smaller spinning things like atoms compose larger spinning things like planets.

Most waves are invisible to normal sight. The only waves we see are what's called, The Visible Spectrum, but there are an unknown amount of different types of waves. It may be that the amount of different types of waves is infinite, or a ridiculously large number, as we know of a great many types already, like gravity waves, light waves, electric and magnetic waves, sound waves, etc... but the rate at which we discover new ones doesn't seem to be slowing. According to what has already been written though, it seems like there would be infinite types of waves and, as a hierarchy, they seem to work or behave almost like puzzle pieces. Waves can interlock and "fit" into one another. They can merge or repel, attract or repulse, in so many different ways and combination's. When two waves collide, for example, they produce a completely different pattern for the new structure in which they make up:

The visible spectrum are the waves that most people can see. The visible spectrum actually takes up a very small portion of all known waves though, so you can see we are quite limited in this area. By designing special machines and devices, we have so far been able to make up for this somewhat such as in the case of X-Rays being used in hospitals.
 Each color of light represents a different type of wave. These waves travel into the eye where the information is then interpreted by the mind as a specific color. Since we cannot see all waves we need instruments like microscopes and MRI machines to help us. The category of waves classified as X-Rays for example, are invisible to us, but if enough of them strike us, they actually can kill.
Since all matter is energy, and all energy is waves, then technically we could design a spectrum of waves that detailed all known forms of energy waves like space-time or gravity. Gravity waves propagate through space and are just one type of wave. Why not urge the scientific community to design a spectrum that classifies all wave types? Or we could classify atoms according to their waves and designing a whole new periodic table based on them. In short, shouldn't we be trying to harness wave power?


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