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Monday, March 22, 2010

Good people are rare and hard to come by. I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "nice guy's finish last". It's completely true. Nice guys finish last in everything they do. To be a good person, is to set yourself up to being taken advantage of on a near constant basis. Everyone you know and come into contact with will recognize the good in you, and seek to exploit it. Well... maybe not everyone, but it certainly may seem that way! The good are naive, often times not recognizing what is happening until much later in life. Many people choose to exploit or take advantage of others. These may be considered bad people for clarification purposes.

A good person must spread their good. Against all odds a good person must do so. This is life. This Earth is like hell. It is full of evil. It is full of suffering. Good men in history have worked their whole lives in service to removing evil. Along the way they gave up themselves to the very thing they fight. A good person does not have a choice to be alive. By the time the good find out they are living in an evil world and what they must do to change that, their lives have progressed far already and they have spent a great deal of time on this earth. The good do not know evil. Good is naive.

The opposite of being naive is ignorance. Ignorance is much more common. In removing ignorance we attain perfection. We refine ourselves. This is because knowledge is power. Everyone already knows this, few realize the significance. The quote is catchy and easily remembered, but easily forgotten just the same. To be a capable human being is to have a capable arsenal. That arsenal is knowledge: A book is a bullet and wikipedia is a cannon.

Working to consciously increase one's knowledge is the noblest and wisest of actions. If a person believes he can or can't do a thing, then that belief is true for that person. I have studied and memorized whole text books because I believed I could do so. For me, belief is not a choice. It is live, or it is die. I learn and gain knowledge to live. I've become an expert at too many things to count. In doing so I have refined my mind and soul. I am a stronger, more capable, quicker human being, to name a few. Everyday is better than the last because I choose to make it so. Work is for the good who realize the seriousness of life and of this broken world. We should at least choose to live our own lives for the sake of the future, if not for the sake of the present. And the future is coming.


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Awesome post. Enjoyed reading. Thank you :)

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