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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Reality is a collection of beliefs about what you think is true. You might think it is true, but you would be wrong. Chances are your entire world view of what you consider to be reality is flawed in some way or another, making your entire word schema and fundamental beliefs to be corrupted. That is not only the nature of yourself, but of everyone. That is because no one is perfect, though we try to be, no one is. We all know that. So things are really just really really relative to consider it in perspective. Everyone has varying degrees of correctness and incorrectness, and no one can really tell perfectly well how things truly should be except for one very specific type of person: a child.

I will now proceed to tell you of two of the most famous maxims in philosophy: Divine Utterances from two of the greatest Philosophers of all time:

"I am only wise insofar as what I don't know, I don't think I know"

Sometimes said as:

"I know nothing"

-Socrates 300 b.c. (whom taught Plato, whom taught Aristotle, whom Taught Alexander the Great who conquered the world and others like Ptolemy who went to rule it afterwards)


"The only thing I know, is that I think therefor I am"

Rene Descartes 1600 a.d. (whom Taught the Royal Families of Europe and was influential enough on the Queen of Sweden that she abdicated her throne and whose works in Mathematics led to Newton being able to develop calculus)

The conclusion is that only children know nothing and are hence free to think and believe as they will. As we become adults we gain knowledge (Of good and evil) and that has a profound effect on our minds. Knowledge tends to radically change a person especially as that knowledge may involve beliefs.

The trick is to be a philosopher. Philosophers are a lot like children. They have a lot of questions and they are not afraid to ask them. They are immensely curious about everything because to them the realm of possibilities is unknown and therefore they have the inclination of thinking everything is limitless. They have no concepts of history, war, or anything violent of that sort, that comes much later. Once a person starts to learn about those things it has effect of influencing and changing their former beliefs about everything being possible and wondrous. Things become dull, bleak, and sad.

We already know how to be like children. The trick is actually doing it. In the words of master Yoda, "There is no try, only Do" and of the Matrix, "do you really think that's air you're breathing?"

When evil is afoot, it is our duty to fight against it. We must not let it affect our personality to cause us sadness, that would be giving it power and control. We must always refuse to give in, must always refuse to accept evil and always fight for good because the world is what we make it. The automobile did not exist until a man invented it. That man (two men Acutually Benz and Daimler) had to first conceive the concept in his mind. Automobiles, unlike rocks, are not abundant in nature unfortunately. In this sense the automobile was real before it was a physical thing as it existed as an idea and on paper before it did as a hunk of metal. The same is true for everything else. Everything has an essence like a spirit. We think of the essence or spirit of a thing as ideas. Ideas are not physical tangible things though, but they still exist. This is a lot like what we might think of as magic. A thing which is non physical and non tangible, yet completely and absolutely wonderous: we make the unreal become real.


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