Duality Nature Project: My struggle (in Faith)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My struggle (in Faith)

The scientific method is given as the method for determining truth.

The scientific method neither applies only to science nor did it originate in science.

The term science itself is a modern connotation. The process of verifying facts is a natural one: Humans are naturally endowed with the ability to determine truth.

The method is simplified as "trial and error". If a thing works, success, if it doesn't back to the drawing board.

At first, humans only thought to use their senses: Eyes, ears, taste, touch; physical things belonging to the flesh.

Eventually, more and more, men began to reason. Some things couldn't be seen with the eyes or touched with the hands. Gravity is one such example.

One cannot see, touch, taste, feel, or hear gravity. It is completely invisible and is not really a thing of itself, but rather a product of other things. (current understanding is that it is space-time itself)

Now consider that Issac Newton was the first to really formulate it, to describe it with mathematical symbols called numbers which are symbolic representations of values that are quite useful for reasoning.

Reason itself is not physical, it is abstract, a product of something else.

So what would be the difference from reason and faith exactly?

Very little according to what I know and have so far written.

Faith, in actuality, is exactly like reason. You could really say that there is a reason for faith, just like you might say there is a reason for everything, or everything has a purpose, a place, a time, etc...

People decide to have faith, because they have a reason to do so. Faith is based on what you don't see, but what you have evidence for.

Newton couldn't see gravity, but he had all the evidence in the world for it. Newton had evidence for something that he couldn't see, hear, feel, taste, or touch.

Newton's ideas did not require sight, touch, taste, or hearing. Newton's ideas required the intellect to be understood. It was verified through abstract methods of mathematical ideas, and taken in faith to be true. Before him, physics, and to a large part the scientific method, was virtually non-existent.

Now what if I told you the scientific method is stated in Hebrews 11:11, albeit in somewhat different wording?

It is my favorite passage as of yet in the whole bible,

Faith is the evidence for things unseen


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