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Monday, January 30, 2012


God Is Truth

We must discover God/Truth to free ourselves from what is not the Truth (.I.e. Illusion, Lies, etc...)

 Above all Seek God/Truth With GREAT FEAR And Trembling. Know also that God Loves you, else he could very well make your existence far worse than it is now and you wouldn't nearly have the hope of making it better by discovering God/Truth. (God, as the Truth, is also supreme Love and everything Good)

Examples of Truth:

I spoke to the devil... tDeath is illusion... at any given moment you are both losing and gaining life. For example old hair and skin is falling off you and being replaced with new... if you:-) can try to determine or differintiate the exact moment or point where you say, "this is dead... this is alive." As you may discover that you cannot and that the boundary between life and death seems blurred you may realize death in the spiritual sense at the very least is illusory and only practical for describing a chemical change. Once you have sufficiently understood the maxim " I think therefore I am" (I.e. am I currently dreaming?!; do I actually create my own perceived reality?!; etc...) then you will be able to arrive at the conclusion that there appears to be what is best termed a higher power (God) and this is best explained as Truth (I.e. God is truth and truth is God)he devil said, "hey, I'm the Devil!". I said, "No, I'm the devil, you're just a lying liar..."

holy spirit/prana/chi ("laying on of hands" "tingling sensation")

 As Within So Without/ Control the inside self/mind/spirit etc... control the outside

 Think outside the box > consider that there is no box and the box is illusion, etc...

God didn't intend suffering as if he did life could have been made out a lot worse don't ya think? So who is really to blame for the suffering ? Guess it's the lying LIARS/illusions!

P.S. Jesus is a lie. John the Baptist was probably the "real" messiah. Also, b4 John the Baptist there was no one with the name "John"


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