Duality Nature Project: Information on ESN Spoofing/cloning, legality, and if you can change to sprint

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Information on ESN Spoofing/cloning, legality, and if you can change to sprint

Technically getting your phone over to sprint is possible, but in order to do so you need a new esn to put on the phone that is in Sprint's database. Generally the phones sprint sells have esn's already added to their database and there is supposedly a way that is very troublesome and difficult to also get them to add your esn to their database but concerning esn spoofing or changing...

It is first and foremost not illegal unless you do it for ill gotten gain, such as using two separate phones with the same esn. That however is impossible because the radio/baseband which contains the esn is soldered onto the motherboard and every radio has it's own electronic fingerprint that is unique to the radio so if you try to do this, they will know so that is impossible really. So if you own two phones for example, and you want to swap the esn, it is perfectly legal because:

1. you own the phone and can do whatever you want with it. 

The trouble is there is so much secrecy, disinformation, and propaganda. The information is scarce. You know the ancient Egyptians did this very same thing and hid their knowledge so only the "elite" scribes could have it. They purposely made their language difficult to learn so only those with specialized training from the state/pharaoh could learn it!

So the only other way to change your esn besides being an absolute genius and expert at programming and hacking is to phyiscally install a new motherboard with the attached/soldered radio from an actual sprint phone. Unless you can get said phone for cheap because its say, has a broken screen, then it would probably be better just to buy a new phone, which is exactly what Sprint wants you to do!

All supposed programs that claim to change esn are untrustworthy. All of the ones I found online were scanned and found to contain viruses, particularly backdoor trojans. I wouldn't try downloading them if I were you!

At the very least, if you somehow do find a program that can swap the esn for you, you will need to purchase a completely brand new Sprint/boost mobile/virgin mobile phone that has never been activated and use the esn off of it. Once it gets activated its useless because the radio fingerprint has been detected and recorded!

After and if (and that is a big IF!) you do manage to swap the esn you need to reprogram your CDMA phone with the carrier information in the ## secret dialing menu's such as the MCC and MNC (Mobile country code and mobile network code) etc... and download a new sprint PRL. You will most probably also need a new Sprint Baseband/radio/RF modulator software to install to your phone/radio to be able to pick up sprint signals and be compatible. There's basically a checking software that sprint checks for to see if you have the correct information on your phone to be able to work directly on their network. They check for the correct ESN/meid/etc..., the correct radio/baseband, the correct PRL, etc... all of these softwares on your phone have to be compatible and "Synch" up with each other in a sense to be able to work on the network. It's done for the security. They want to have a very tight control on things, but if you are like me, you will want to have control over your own phone and not leave it up to someone else to dictate terms to you.

So the best thing to do, as far as I know, for the time being is to just trade your phone for a sprint phone if you really must use their network. Craigslist is good for that.

I will figure this out eventually, or someone else will, until then sayonara!


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